About the Freighthouse Square

Once the westermost freight terminus for the Milwaukee Railroad, Freighthouse Square has been a Tacoma landmark for over 100 years. The Square is a 110,000 sq. ft. indoor urban shopping experience at the epicenter of Tacoma’s burgeoning Dome District. The building itself is three city blocks long and five stories tall, and is home to a unique blend of locally-owned food vendors, merchants and business services.

Just 2 blocks north of the Tacoma Dome, Freighthouse Square is also at the nucleus of Tacoma’s busy transportation hub. The Tacoma Link, Amtrak train, Greyhound bus, Pierce Transit, Sound Transit, Sounder Commuter Rail and Express bus service either stop directly at its doors or are very close by. All of downtown Tacoma is easily accessible from Freighthouse Square, as the Tacoma Dome Station for Tacoma Link is right across the street from the Square.

Freighthouse Square enjoys a colorful history. Once the most western point and freight terminus for the old Milwaukee Railroad, Freighthouse Square is known as the main point of reference for immigrants coming to the western shores of the United States. You can check out the following links to learn a little more about the history of Tacoma and the Freighthouse Square.

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The building holds numerous memories for many. A shop owner once relayed a story that went like this: "An older gentleman, probably in his 70's, approached me in my shop. He spoke of an event from years gone by when as a young boy Freighthouse Square was the first building or structure that he could see from a boat as they pulled into harbor and were about to drop anchor." He was delighted to see the building still here and that it was still green.

As good and sweet as the memories of Freighthouse Square's past are, it remains a place where good and sweet memories are made on a daily basis. 

Nowadays, you can seasonal events in the Freighthouse Square’s Rainier Room, located at the east end of the Square just next to the Freighthouse Square Art Gallery. Acts like Pat Wright and the Total Experience Gospel Choir, The Seattle Women's Jazz Orchestra, and the Native Women's Drumming Circle have all performed in The Square's Rainier Room. Freighthouse Square also hosts many community events throughout the year. Take a look at our Calendar of Events to see what’s happening next at the Square.

Come join us today at Freighthouse Square for Tacoma’s most unique entertainment experience!


Freighthouse Square is the only Multi-Modal
Transit Hub in the Northwest.


RA Dinning Lodge

Sounder tickets are available on site.

Visit the Sounder website for rates, schedules and maps. Tickets may be purchased at the Freighthouse Square.


RA Dinning Lodge

Tacoma Dome Parking | Park for free

The Tacoma-Dome Station located just outside the doors at The Freighthouse Square is the only multi-mode transportation hub on the entire west coast.


RA Dinning Lodge

The Tacoma Light Link | Ride for free

The Tacoma Link is a light rail "trolley line" in downtown Tacoma. This line connects the Tacoma Dome bus/rail station at Freighthouse Square with the downtown core and several attractions, such as the Museum, University of Washington, new Convention Center and theaters such as the Pantages. The Link is free and the trip from downtown to Freighthouse Square is only 5 minutes. Five light rail stations have been erected throughout the busiest sections of the city of Tacoma, all of which originate from the FREIGHTHOUSE SQUARE and serve approximately 2,000 passengers per day.